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Teppay Sushi

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First Impressions

On Saturday, we headed over to Teppay Sushi on Westheimer and Voss. This restaurant is located in a strip center next to a Walgreens, Sketchers, and a Bedrock Comics. Upon walking in, you will notice the traditional vibe throughout the venue. The layout reminds me of the restaurant in Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a long sushi bar with a dozen or so tables. Two private rooms are located in the back with sliding doors and shoes littered about in front. Throughout the meal, diners in suits (almost exclusively Asian) can be seen removing their shoes before entering the private room.

At the Sushi bar, we were presented with a sizable regular menu, and small pamphlet containing the sushi menu.

To start we ordered the Beef Tataki, which were small cuts of beef served with a thin sauce.

For the main course both chose the Omakase. Omakase is the traditional Chef’s choice menu. We have had the six piece Omakase here before, and gotten the same essential dishes with a few slight variations. Here the Omakase is served with a miso soup.

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