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Teppay Sushi

Teppay Sushi

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First Impressions

On Saturday, we headed over to Teppay Sushi on Westheimer and Voss. This restaurant is located in a strip center next to a Walgreens, Sketchers, and a Bedrock Comics. Upon walking in, you will notice the traditional vibe throughout the venue. The layout reminds me of the restaurant in Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a long sushi bar with a dozen or so tables. Two private rooms are located in the back with sliding doors and shoes littered about in front. Throughout the meal, diners in suits (almost exclusively Asian) can be seen removing their shoes before entering the private room.

At the Sushi bar, we were presented with a sizable regular menu, and small pamphlet containing the sushi menu.

To start we ordered the Beef Tataki, which were small cuts of beef served with a thin sauce.

For the main course both chose the Omakase. Omakase is the traditional Chef’s choice menu. We have had the six piece Omakase here before, and gotten the same essential dishes with a few slight variations. Here the Omakase is served with a miso soup.

Travis’s Take

I ordered a large Sake which was seven dollars for a carafe of about seven ounces. The sake was exactly what you want from a house sake, clean, smooth, and easy to drink. The Beef Tataki was tender and delicious with the accompanying sauce. I found the doneness of the steak to fit with what I would call a medium rare to medium, however it was a bit cold when served. The miso on the other hand was perfect. I’ve worked with miso quite a bit and I know that getting the right balance of flavor can be difficult.

The Sushi plate was served directly across the Sushi bar by the Sushi Chef. The selection of sushi in the Omakase were: Toro, Tuna, Torched Salmon, Amberjack, Uni, and Shrimp.

The Toro was really tasty and a great way to start the meal. I really like the fatty taste to the sushi and this got my palette ready for the rest of the meal. The Tuna was a real texture paradise. The mouthfeel was super nice and the spice was right up my alley. I looked forward to the torched Salmon because it is one of my favorites, and a staple of the Omakase here. After squeezing the lemon on the piece, I was blown away at how much flavor could be packed in such a small bite. If this restaurant served an amuse-bouche, this would be it. I was really excited about the Amberjack, mainly because it was a sushi piece I have never had before. I was really surprised at the mildness of the flavor. I’ve heard how Japanese culture really embraces mild flavors, and this dish shows it. The Uni is always the rebel of the plate. It walks in after four amazing pieces of fish and blows your mind. It was slimy and delicious. I liked it a lot, but I wasn’t jumping up for a second piece. The Shrimp was the perfect way to cap off an amazing plate. It was exactly the right foil to the Uni because of the sweet and salty combo.  All in all, I really liked this dish.

Tracey’s Take

I had the plum wine because I thought the sweetness of the wine would counteract the saltiness of the sushi and the miso we were about to have. It was very fruity and much thicker than most traditional wine would be, almost syrupy. I had a bit of the Travis’s sake, which I usually don’t care for and found it to be a bit more bearable this time than any of the others I have. I actually had more than a single taste of it.

I was excited about the Beef Tataki because I knew the rest of the meal would be focused on fish and shellfish. This made the meal into sort of a Surf’n Turf, which I appreciate. I really liked the sauce that came with it. It had a bit of citrus, and some hits of soy. I just wish the meat was little bit warmer.

I found it very interesting that we were instructed to eat the Miso soup during the meal instead of beforehand. It was treated as a palette cleanser between the pieces of sushi. I hadn’t ever had it served that way before. I love miso soup because it’s such a great simple dish, salty, and comforting dish.

I don’t think I have ever had Toro before, but this really stood out. The flavor was super buttery and delicious. The Tuna was good, but didn’t blow my mind. I liked the Torched Salmon a lot. I felt the acid was essential to the dish. The texture was really different than anything else we had on the plate. I also had never had AmberJack before in Sushi. I really liked it, but I felt the saltiness of the soy sauce was necessary to improve the dish. This is the second time I have had Uni and I am not a huge fan. Something about the texture is not appealing to me. I’ll eat it, but something about texture is hard for me to get down. I thought the shrimp was a nice way to end the Omakase. I like shrimp in general and found this preparation to be extremely pleasing.

Tasting Notes

Beef Tataki: good doneness, a little cold on serve, great sauce

Miso: Great, Not salty.

Toro: buttery, hit of spice, wasabi, fatty. Tuna: hidden wasabi, velvety, not dry. Torched Salmon: amazing, salty, squeeze lemon, rough on tongue(good). Amberjack: mild, chewy, needed soy sauce. Uni: Slimy chewy. Shrimp: sweet, spicy, tongue pleased.

Mise En Place

Final Review:

Tracey: I’d definitely go back, but I would try something more than the Omakase. I might even try Sake again.

Travis: Absolutely go back. This place deserves a place in the rotation.

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